Family Classes Friday nights 7:30pm-10:00pm

The remedy to our problems as Muslims, is gaining knowledge. We can only improve ourselves through the correct understanding of what is required for us to do. Our success lies in fulfilling our purposes in this world and that purpose can only be realized through knowledge Of Allah’s book and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him.)The Quran informs us to ask those who are knowledgeable, if we do not know. Therefore, the wisest thing for us to do is to be on the path of knowledge. This is possible through many means, but the safest one is with someone who can act as our mentor while traversing the path of knowledge.

This has been a proven method for over 15 years with outstanding results.

  • With Instructors that take you through the method of learning to read the Quran at your own pace with Tajweed (Rules that govern the recitation of the Quran).
  • Learn the authentic everyday Azkaar and Dua in the lives of a believer.
  • Understand the Islamic rules that govern our lives as Muslims (fiqh).
  • Learn our belief systems and matters to avoid.
  • Become empowered with the correct understanding of our deen.

Unique Family model

We gather together every Friday, using our unique family-based curriculum to learn Islamic knowledge as a family. No one is left out, and we rely on the family based model to effectively teach. 

    Sheikh Islam Ali

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