Hifz Education

Start memorizing the Quran and do it at your own pace. Allah has made it easy for us to memorize, and it is possible for everyone at any stage in their life. 

An 85 year old sister memorized the Quran within 10 years

Sister Kaaho Hussain, a 85 years Hafizah, started learning the Arabic alphabet, 20 years ago with Sheik Samow and within 10 years, become a complete hafizah.

Why should you do it?

There are many beenfits to completing hifz of the Quran: 

  1. Will be rewarded based on the recitation of the Quran (from memory).
  2. Their parents will wear a crown on the day of judgement.
  3. They are described as the best person.
  4. They will be worthy of envy in this world.
  5. For every letter memorized there will be at least ten rewards.
  6. Will be rewarded with Jannah.
  7. The Quran will intercede for them on the day of Judgement.
  8. The fire will be forbidden to touch her/him. (Sunniforum.com & istiqaama.info)

Sheikh Ahmad Hussain Mu'allim Samoo

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